I began writing my own music for the first time in September '20. Since then I've released 7 singles and my first EP 'Nightfall' was released at the end of January '23

Music was put on a long pause in my life following the sudden loss of my partner in a tragic accident. I withdrew from music for many years.

I'm recognised globally for my performance of 'Fly Me To The Moon' from the popular anime series Evangelion. The song has been streamed millions of times online and remains popular today.

My most recent tracks have been compared to Sade, Lisa Stansfield and George Michael. I try to blend cool, relaxed grooves with soulful, smooth jazzy vocals.

I write, perform and produce all my own songs. 

'Rolling Stone' AU/NZ awarded 'Nightfall' their 'Record of the Week' - 6th Feb '23

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'Love Will Set You Free’ - Aug 2021

‘Fly Away’ - Sept 2021

‘Bye, Bye Girl' - Oct 2021

‘Moving Too Fast' - Nov 2021

'Change The Game' - Feb 2022

'Running Back' - May 2022

‘I Don’t Like The Rain’ - Oct 2022

'Nightfall' EP - January 2023

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